When you have parts of your support team working across different regions, times or time-zones, managing the working hours of each group becomes a hassle. Since each center wakes up at a different time, it makes sense to align their SLA timers with their business hours.

Multiple business hours in Freshdesk allows you to create a different set of working hours and holidays. You can then set these business hours to specific groups. 

How does having multiple business hours help?

When your whole team operates out of one big office, work together, clock in and clock out at the same time every day, just having one set of "official business hours" sounds alright. But when your team works out of multiple centers, or follow different work hours, it is easier for you to lay down a separate set of business hours for each team. By dedicating separate business hours, SLAs can be executed properly based on time or place of origin and your team won't be incorrectly penalised.

When would setting up another set of business hours be necessary?

Centers at NYC and LON: If you have a geographically distributed team working across multiple time zones, setting up different business hours for each center makes sense.

Different teams to manage different climes: If you've split your Global Support Teams by the regions from which customers raise support issues, you might want each set of agents to work on the same hours as the customers they help.

Day Workers and Night Owls: If you have special teams that rotate your 24*7 support center by jumping in at different shifts, you might want to set definite working hours for each group.

First you'll have to create Business Hours with relevant working hours, timezones, and holidays:

  • Login to your support portal.
  • Go to Admin > Business Hours
  • Click on the New business hours option.
  • You can create  new business hours based on either location or a specific team. Be sure to specify the appropriate Time Zone setting for your Business Hour. 
  • You can import holidays as shown according to whichever country the team is working from.

Once you have created the business hours that you want, assign them to the groups.

To assign Business Hours to Agent groups:
  • Login to your support portal. 
  • Go to Admin > Groups. 
  • Select the appropriate group based on its location and team.
  • Under the list Business Hours select the appropriate one.
  • Click Save and your all incoming tickets assigned to that group will have SLAs executed based on the Business Hour that you just set.   
Here the Billing team has been assigned Sydney's business hours.