The Tickets tab lets you filter out and view a list of tickets that you want to get working on. You can filter out tickets by source, type, status, agents assigned to, tags, products, and even the custom fields that you have created. When you enter a new set of filter conditions, the name of the View on top changes to “Untitled View”. You can save all your filters as a new View so that you won’t have to enter them all over again the next time.

The Default Views Cheat Sheet


What it shows

My Open and Pending Tickets

All tickets assigned to you whose status is either “Open” or “Pending”

Urgent and High Priority Tickets

All tickets in your help desk with Priority marked as “High” or “Urgent”

Open Tickets in My Groups

All tickets in groups you are a member of, with status “Open”

My Overdue Tickets

All tickets assigned to you that were due before Today

New & My Open Tickets

All tickets assigned to you with Status Open, and all Unassigned tickets in your help desk

All Tickets

All tickets in your help desk

Tickets I’m Monitoring

All tickets that you are monitoring (may be assigned to anyone)


All tickets marked as Spam


All tickets that have been deleted from your help desk

The ticket view refreshes automatically and shows you the new tickets that fall in the particular ticket view you have selected.

Saving your filters as a New View

  • Select the required filters. For example, if you want to create a view that shows me all my "Not Closed or Resolved Tickets" that are due today, you should select "Today" as the due by time and choose "open" and "pending" statuses in the Status filter.
  • Once you do, click 'Save As' (the check mark) to save the view or the cross to discard it.
  • Give it a name for future reference. You can also choose the visibility of this view - whether only you, your group, or all agents can view the view.

When you make changes to a saved view, please make sure that you save those changes before quitting the page. If you want to save the changes as a new view, make sure you click 'Save As' (distinguishable from Save check mark by the three dots that follow it) and give it a new name before quitting the page.

You can add tags to your tickets in the tags field under ticket properties. Under your Admin > General Settings > Tags, you can view a list of all tags that are being viewed in your helpdesk. By default, you can get the usage count for every tag, including the number of linked tickets, customers, or solution articles at a glance by looking them up from the list. If you want to, you can also open up a complete list of tagged items by clicking on the corresponding numbers. 

When you want to remove them altogether, click on the tag names to update all of their instances automatically. Additionally, you can choose to merge two or more tags together by giving them the same name.