Time tracking feature in Freshdesk lets you track time spent by each agent supporting customers and thereby gain a deeper visibility on the overall helpdesk performance. Freshdesk lets agents track the time they spend on a ticket with automatic start and stop timers. Agents can also manually log the time they have spent, and detail their activities during this period by adding comments.

In case agents forget to stop a running timer, Freshdesk automatically stops it for them as soon as the agent performs any other activity, or even starts working on a different ticket.

Quick guide to track time automatically

  • Open any Ticket to start working on it.
  • Click on More > Add Time.
  • To automatically start tracking time, click Start Timer and continue working on the ticket. A new time entry is added to the ticket.
  • Click on the Stop Timer link in the time entry once to Stop Timer.
  • You can click on the Clock icon again at any time to restart the timer.
  • Click on the Edit link to edit your timesheet entry manually.
  • Check the box that says Billable to log this entry as billable in your timesheet reports. For non-billable time spent, uncheck this box.
  • Click Update when done.

Quick guide to tracking time manually

  • Open any Ticket to start working on it.
  • Click on Add Time.
  • Enter the amount of time spent on this ticket under Hours.
  • Add comments or detail activities done under Note.
  • Click Save to record this time entry.
  • You can edit your logged time entries by clicking on Edit corresponding to the entry.