You can customize your portal to reflect your theme and give your users a memorable customer experience with Freshdesk. You can put up your logo and favicon and paint your self service portal in your brand colors. The Sprout and Blossom plans give you basic customization options such as customer portal customization and access to our extensive freshplugs gallery. If you're on the Garden plan or higher, you can also perform CSS customizations and the Estate plan lets you customize every inch of your support portal. 

Quick guide to perform basic helpdesk setup in your support portal:

  • Log in to your support portal as an administrator.
  • Go to the Admin tab.
  • Under General Settings, click on Helpdesk
Settings Section

  • Type in the Name for your help desk under Helpdesk Name. This name is what your agents and customers will be seeing on the top fold of the portal.
  • Setup a Primary Language for your support portal. Your customers will see your support portal in this language.
  • If your plan supports multiple languages, you can set up secondary languages under Supported Languages. Learn more about helpdesk languages here.
  • Select a date format that suits your needs under Date Format.
  • Choose the timezone of your location under Time Zone.
  • The Next Ticket ID # is the number given to the next ticket that comes into your helpdesk. You can set it as #101 if you already received 100 issues in your support email or your old helpdesk.
  • You can change your helpdesk colors to reflect your brand colors. 
    • Type in the hex codes of the Header (top fold with the name of the helpdesk), Tab (top fold navigation that has dashboard, ticket and more options) and back ground (the back ground color of the body of your support portal)
    • You could also use the color palette to pick the colors you want.
    • You can always start over by clicking on Reset to default colors.
    • If just plain colors are not enough customization, you might want to check out some advanced customization options with FreshThemes here.
  • Hit Save once you are done setting up your helpdesk. If you would like to access your portal settings page, click on Edit Portal instead.

Quick guide to perform basic rebranding in your support portal:
  • Log in to your support portal as an administrator.
  • Go to the Admin tab.
  • Under Support Channels, click on Portals. 
  • Click on the portal you would like to rebrand (see image below)

  • The logo of your support portal appears on the top fold near your portal's name. 
    • You can upload your company logo by clicking on Change logo
    • Your logo should be of size 50x50 pixels
  • Favicon is the image that appears on the browser tab near the title of the page.
    • You can fashion a favicon image of size 16x16 pixels and upload it to your support portal.
  • If you would like to take your customers to your website (or anywhere you wish) when they click your logo set up your Linkback URL.
  • Fill in your helpdesk phone number under Helpdesk Phone.
  • You can also change the fonts and colors for links, form elements etc by clicking on the Customize portal button. But before you go ahead and play with the colors, make sure that you save all the changes you already made in this page.
  • After the color & font customizations are done, you can preview the customizations and hit Save to see the changes reflected in your portal immediately. If you are not done yet, you can just save your work and continue later. You can always click on reset to go back to the default colors if things become messy.

Using a Vanity Support URL and pointing the CNAME
Although you use Freshdesk for support, you may want your customers and support agents to access your support portal in your own vanity URL like In that case, you can point your support URL at to the Freshdesk domain your signed up with, like  Just make sure you have created a CNAME record in your DNS zone file to point your vanity URL to your Freshdesk domain.

Quick guide to setting up Freshdesk on your own URL

Step 1: Creating a CNAME record in your DNS Zone File
  • Login to your Domain Control Panel.
  • Go to the section which says DNS or Name Servers.
  • Create a new DNS record and point your custom support URL to 
  • TTL: Enter a Time To Live between 30 minutes to 1 hour, or leave this field in its default settings.
  • You may need to fill in these details:
  • Alias Name: Enter the subdomain name for your alias. For example, if you want to use a vanity support URL like, enter "support" as your alias name.
  • Point to Host Name: Type @ to directly map the alias to your Freshdesk domain.
  • Save changes to your DNS records.
Note that these instructions may vary a bit based on your domain registrar. If you are unable to find a way to add the DNS record, get help from your webmaster or your server administrator.
Step 2: Setting up your Helpdesk URL in Freshdesk
  • After creating the CNAME record, login to your Freshdesk portal as an administrator.
  • Go to Admin > Helpdesk > Edit Portal (Learn more about Rebranding your Freshdesk Account.).
  • Under Portal URL type your vanity support URL (
  • Click Save to save the new settings and to start using your own support URL.

Logos, favicons and colors 

You can upload your company’s logo and provide a Linkback URL, which will redirect your customers to wherever you’d like it to, when they click the logo. Remember that your logo has to be 50x50 pixels.

Your favicon is the little icon that appears on your browser window, adjacent to the website title. Remember to keep its dimensions to 16x16 pixels. 

You can set the colors of your header (the part where your logo and title is present), tab color (the tabs for all your buttons within your helpdesk) and background (self-explanatory) by specifying the hex codes or using the little color picker. Remember to save your changes once you’re done! 

If you want to dive a little bit deeper, you can customize the CSS of your support portal. You can replace the default theme style with your very own, you can modify the layout of each page separately; the world is your oyster!

Quick guide to perform advanced rebranding

  • Go to Admin > General Settings > Helpdesk Rebranding. 
  • Click on the Customize Portal button. 
  • You will have three pages, viz. Color & font, Stylesheet and Layout & pages. 
  • Under Color & font, you can set colors to all the different elements by using the color picker provided. 
  • Similarly, you can choose the font you like best using the drop down menu provided. 
  • Under Stylesheet, you can paste your own code for your CSS. There is an option provided to include mobile friendly stylesheet, which can be toggled on or off. 
  • You can play around with the layout of your portal and its inner pages by going to Layout & pages and entering your own HTML code there. 
  • Click on Save to save your changes, or Save and Publish to publish your changes. 

At any point, you can choose to click on Preview and the support portal will load in the preview mode in another window. You can use this as a reference before you finalize your changes. If you don’t like how your customizations turn out, you can always click on the Reset button, which will reset all changes to the default theme. 

And the best part is that you don’t have to be a pro with HTML or CSS for deeper customization. You can also use some of our readymade FreshThemes, from the FreshThemes gallery. You could also choose to work on top of them, and add your own personal touch to the themes. Most publishers will not have a problem with you modifying their themes for personal use, but if you want to upload the theme elsewhere, it is always good practice to ask for permission first!