You can create an unlimited number of categories and community forums based on the four Forum Types in Freshdesk. Once you have decided how you want to organize community discussions in your support portal, you can start creating new categories and forums

Creating new category

  • Click on the Forums tab in your Freshdesk account.
  • Click on the arrow icon next to the Add topic button and choose Add Category.
  • Give a title to this category and a brief description. They will be displayed in the home page of your support portal.
  • Once you are done, click Save.
  • You can now start adding specific forms inside this category.

How to create new forum?

  • Choose the New Forum button within the category where you wish to add a new forum.
  • Give a name to the forum, a brief description about what the forum will be talking about.
  • Select the forum type as Questions, Announcement, Ideas or Problems to reflect the type of topics to be discussed in the forum.
  • Choose the forum visibility - all, logged in users, only agents or selected companies.
  • If you would like all new topics posted on this forum, by your customers, to be automatically converted to a ticket for your support team to take care off, click on the toggle button by the side of Auto-Convert Topic to Tickets.
  • Once you are done, click Save.

Creating a new topic

Once you have created a forum, both agents and logged in customers can start a topic (provided you have made the forum visible to customers). To start a new discussion topic, you can click on "Start a Topic" from inside a forum.

Quick Guide to writing a new forum post:

  • Click on the Forum where you want to add a new topic and select Start a Topic.
  • Give an appropriate name for the topic, and the message you wish to post.
  • Choose whether the post needs to be Sticky or Locked. Also select to Monitor the topic if you wish to be notified of all the updates and changes done.
  • You can attach a file if necessary.
  • Once you are done, click Post Topic.

Having a few forum topics to begin with breaks the inertial of customers and gets them to share their thoughts and ideas more freely. Both agents and users can also click on the "Reply" button within a topic and start responding with their comments.