You can either add customers individually in the Customers tab or you can import client data from CSV files. Importing from a CSV file allows you to make additions and updates in bulk to your database with ease.

To import customer data into your helpdesk:

  • Go to the Customers Tab in your helpdesk.
  • Click on "Import"
  • Click on "Choose File". Navigate to where the CSV file is located on your computer and select it.
  • Click on the Import button and wait for Freshdesk to finish importing the data. It will not take more
  • than a few moments.
  • If your CSV file has a contact which already exists in your system, Freshdesk will update the missing fields in your helpdesk with details from the CSV file.

Note: The first line of the CSV file must have the header information (Name, Email, Twitter, Title etc.) but the fields within the CSV file can be in any order. If your file has fields whose headers are not defined, for example, your CSV file has twitter handles of all your customers but the first line doesn't specify Twitter, the fields will be ignored.

The following is an example of a CSV file:

Exporting Data

  • You can export your customer data as a CSV file anytime you want. To start exporting • Go to the Customers Tab in your helpdesk
  • Click on "Export"
  • Select the fields which you wish to export to the file.
  • Click on the "Export to CSV" button and wait for the file to download