The default roles available in any Freshdesk account are Account Administrator, Administrator, Supervisor and Agent. You can choose to edit or delete these roles and create your own roles to suit your business needs.

  • Go to Admin > General Settings > Roles.
  • Enter the name and description for the role you want to create.
  • Under the Permissions section, you will have to configure what all actions members of this particular role can do, by ticking the respective checkboxes.
  • There are separate actions under Tickets, Solutions, Forums, Customers, Reports and Administration respectively.
  • Once you’re done, click on Save.

Apart from deciding access control and privileges, the role of an agent on your helpdesk also dictates which other agents they are allowed to delete, masquerade as and overrule. This security structure makes sure that there is no disparity between different hierarchical structures you create on your helpdesk.

As a standard rule, in order to be able to delete or edit another agent's profile, an Agent needs to at least be an operational admin, with the ability to manage agents. This is also the minimum requirement for an agent to be able to assume the identity of an other. But as a check, to make sure that any of the admins doesn't get to affect the top-level structure of your support, an agent can not assume the identity of another agent who has admin controls.

Additionally, an agent cannot view or edit her own Scope and Roles. That makes sure normal agents without admin access won't get to give themselves any more capabilities than they were meant to get (and also so that Super Admins don't irrecoverably downgrade themselves). Similarly,

an admin cannot edit the scope and role of agents equal to, or higher up the Admin Access hierarchy than themselves.

The only structure that sits above all of the admins is the God level Admin. When you are at this level, you can go ahead editing and deleting any other agent or administrator on your helpdesk. The only catch is that you can't edit or delete yourself.

Remember that if you create custom roles, you can permit them to have access over the admin options and control over agents individually. The various things that these roles can and cannot do, will be limited by the rules stated above.

The four default levels of roles are

  • Agent - Has no access to admin options at all.
  • Supervisor - Can perform agent related activities and access reports, but has no access to admin options.
  • Administrator - Can perform agent related activities, and has access over all admin options except accounts and billing related ones.
  • Account Administrator - Can perform agent related activities, and has complete access over everything.