You can add full time and occasional agents to your helpdesk and assign them scopes and roles. You can restrict which parts of your helpdesk each of your agents can see and what actions they can perform.

Quick guide to adding agents to Freshdesk:

  • Login to your support portal as an administrator.
  • Click on the Admin tab.
  • Under General Settings, click on Agents. 

  • The list of all agents already in your helpdesk is shown.
  • The number of agents seats still available in your helpdesk is shown on the top right corner. You can add more seats by visiting Admin > Account Settings > Plans & Billing.
  • To add a new agent, click on the New Agent button in the top fold.

  • You can choose whether your new agent should be a full time or an occasional agent using the radio button. 
  • You will get 3 free day passes for occasional agents. An occasional agent will use up a day pass everyday she logs in. So with 3 passes you can add 3 occasional agents who log in once each or even one agent who logs in for 3 days. To add more day passes, click on day passes under the Admin tab.
  • Now let's try adding a full time agent (the procedure is the same for occasional agents), enter your new agent's name under Full Name (required field).
  • Specify the email address of the agent under Email (required field).
  • You can add a profile picture for your agent, or it can be added later on by the agent after logging in.
  • Give a Title to your agent. It may be the agent's job designation or role in your helpdesk.
  • You can specify the Work/personal phone number of your agent under Phone No. This will be an important information if you are using Freshdesk's integrated Phone Channel support system.

  • If you want all your agents to use a standard signature, you can use the Signature box to fashion it. You can add pictures, links and format the text completely, and you can copy the signature and paste in signature box of other agents too

Roles and scope
  • Scope of an agent is what the agent will be able to see in the helpdesk. By default, the scope is Global (the agents can see everything in the helpdesk). You can also choose whether they should only be able to see tickets assigned to them (Restricted access) or see all tickets assigned to the Agent Group that they belong to (Group access). 
  • Every agent must have a role. A role defines what the agent can or cannot do within the helpdesk. For example, an "account administrator" has complete control over the helpdesk, including payments while an "agent" can only perform actions on tickets such as replying and resolving.

Associating groups to agents
  • You can add agents to one or more groups when you are adding them to the helpdesk.  
  • Click on the Associate Groups button to see the list of groups available and choose the groups to associate with your new agent.

Language and time-zone options

  • If you're on the Garden plan or above, you can set specific time zones (that affect their SLA policies) and languages for agents. The agents will see the support portal in the language chosen.
  • Levels will come in handy if you're on the Blossom plan or above, and have the Arcade enabled. The level of an agent in Freshdesk Arcade is based on the points collected by the agent based on different metrics like fast responses and customer satisfaction ratings. You can start up your agent at different levels. 
  • Click Save after you've entered all the necessary information.
  • The agent receives an activation email through which the agent can log in and set the password.
  • Back on the agents page, you can click on the Edit button next to each agent and make changes to their information.
  • You can also delete agents by clicking on the Delete button. When an agent gets deleted, they will become a contact in your helpdesk.
  • Once an agent has been deleted, tickets assigned to that particular agent will be unassigned. 

"Email has already been taken" error
Sometimes when you try adding an agent you might receive an error message saying that the email address has already been taken. This could be due to one of two reasons:
  • The email address is already associated with an agent. 
  • The email address is associated with an existing or deleted "Contact" in your helpdesk. In this case, you can just convert a contact into an agent by going to the Customers tab in Freshdesk, clicking on the contact name and choosing Convert to an Agent in the resulting screen.