At A Glance reports help you stay on top of important customer support metrics like first response time, resolution time and SLA violations for your entire help desk or specific agents. Get a quick view of the most critical data all in one report.

Helpdesk At A Glance

This report gives you a glance at the overall state of your support helpdesk. It gives you a brief summary of statistics like "Tickets received", "Average First Response Time", "Number of interactions" and more.

You can choose the time period for which the report has to be generated, be it a week, a month or a year. The Helpdesk at a Glance report lets you compare your agents' performance to an earlier period of similar duration, and lets you keep an eye of the quality of support that your team provides. It also gives you a breakdown of where the tickets are coming from, their priorities, what type they are and so on.

Customer At A Glance

The Customer at a Glance report provides a detailed analysis of your interactions with a specific customer. Instead of a broad overview, this report gives you an up-close and personal look at every customer's experience with your support.

This report gives you a summary of the number of tickets received from a customer, the average time taken to respond to him, the time it takes for your agents to resolve his problems, and how well your agents are adhering to SLAs and a few more figures. These numbers will help you judge the quality of support your customers receive and if your agents need to pay more attention to them.

Agent At A Glance

The Agent at a Glance report gives you a look at the activities of an agent in your helpdesk. It lets you see how well an agent has been meeting his SLAs and how good his stats (like First Call Resolution, Average Handle Time, and Average First Response Time) are.

The report also generates charts based on the priority of tickets the agent has handled so far and lets you look at where they originate from - be it email, phone or social networks. By assessing an individual agent's performance, Freshdesk makes it easy for you to gauge how heavy an agent’s workload is.

Group At A Glance

Like the 'Agent at a Glance' report, the 'Group at a Glance' report lets you see how one particular group in your support team has been performing. The report lets you see the number of tickets the group has handled, their sources, priorities and the group's metrics. This report is very useful in determining if a particular team or group needs more people on it or if reps can be allocated elsewhere.

Quick guide to the At a Glance reports

  • Login to your helpdesk as an administrator/supervisor - someone who has access to the “Reports” tab.
  • Click on the “Reports” tab.
  • If you choose to view the “Helpdesk At a glance” report, the report gets automatically generated for the last month, across all types, ticket priorities, sources and products. You can choose to further filter down your data with these fields by clicking on the “Edit” button. 
  • However, for the Customer At A Glance, Agent At A Glance and Group At A Glance reports, the report gets generated only after you choose a particular customer, agent and group respectively. Just like in the Helpdesk At a Glance report, you can choose to further drill down with filters, by clicking on the “Edit” button.