Freshdesk's Support Arcade lets you track and improve agent productivity by introducing game mechanics into the helpdesk. Once enabled, every ticket resolved, satisfaction rating earned and other support-related activities directly translate into points for each of your agents. The feature also helps align your support team with your business goals, by offering rewards and badges for agents who meet pre-defined targets. 

A Quick guide to setting up Arcade

  • Login to your support portal.
  • Go to the Admin tab.
  • Under Helpdesk Productivity, click on the Arcade icon. 
  • From the following page, use the Enabled/Disabled toggle to enable the Arcade. You can also enable the Arcade by clicking on the Enable Freshdesk Arcade button at the bottom. 
  • Choose how many points you want to award your agents for what task and the number of points they have to score to reach particular levels.
  • When you are done setting up your arcade, click on the Save button.

Please note that the Freshdesk Arcade is activated on all trial accounts by default.