Support multiple products from a single helpdesk without having to pay for any extra licenses, with Freshdesk.

Being able to set up a single help desk for an entire organization is one thing, but your customers would love it if they had a dedicated support portal for each of your products. Freshdesk allows you to have separate portals for each of your products, without creating and paying for more accounts. You can give it a different URL and also hide irrelevant forums and solutions from it by restricting it to top level categories.

With each of your products, you can have:

  • Unlimited product specific incoming support mailboxes (like,
  • Unlimited product specific outgoing support mailboxes
  • Separate branded customer support portal for each product
  • Separate knowledge base articles for each product
  • Distinct community forums for each product

Quick guide to setting up multi-product support

Setting up a Product

  • Go to Admin > General Settings > Multiple Products
  • Click on New Product
  • Enter the Product name and description
  • To configure separate support emails for each product and automatically queue them in a specific group, fill in the details requested under 'Product Support Email' and save your settings. 

Setting up a Portal 

  • Go to Admin > General Settings > Multiple Products
  • The multiple products page will list all your portals. Click on Enable Portal. 
  • Toggle the 'Enable Customer Portal' button
  • Enter details for Portal setup 

Note: Portals can be setup and configured from the Portals page too. (Admin > Support Channels > Portals)