The moment your agents login to your support portal, the first thing they see is a quick summary of everything happening on your help desk, right from the Dashboard.


The Dashboard consists of the following items:

  • Ticket Summary ribbon
  • Recent Activity list
  • To-Do List
  • Freshfone Summary
  • Live Chat Summary
  • Arcade Leaderboard
  • Available Quests

The Ticket Summary ribbon tells you how many tickets are currently being handled by agents in your helpdesk. The number of tickets having various statuses, including Open, On-Hold, Due Today, Unassigned and Overdue show up right at the top for easy reference.


The Recent Activity feed shows you a timeline of new tickets submitted on your help desk, status changes, and even agent replies. You can directly jump into a ticket, customer, or agent by clicking on the corresponding link in the activity feed.

You can create a new ticket right from your dashboard by clicking on the +New button on the top right of your dashboard. You can also search for anything within your support portal using the Search feature.


A To-Do List can be used by agents to set reminders for their important tasks on the helpdesk. It is personal to every agent and the items can be added from the ticket detail page or from the dashboard tab. To-do's added for tickets will link back to those tickets.

The Freshfone summary widget on your dashboard displays the number of agents currently online, the number of agents currently talking to customers and a link to your helpdesk’s call history. Call History shows you a list of calls, who called whom, how long ago, how much it cost you and an option that lets you convert the call into a ticket. You can also filter the calls by number, call type, agents, time period, requester and group of agents.

The Live Chat summary widget on your dashboard gives you agent info such as the number of agents in conversation, the number of available agents, and visitor info such as number of visitors and number of returning visitors. The Visitors list gives you a list of the visitors who are currently online on your site. The Message Archives enables you to browse through earlier messages and conversations.

The Leaderboard showcases the top agents in your team who are leading the race to the Arcade trophies. Clicking on it will take you to the complete table where you can see the points and standings of every agent. You can also check out your Available Quests from the sidebar. Please note that both these items will be displayed only if you use the Arcade feature, which is available on the Freshdesk Estate plan.