You can access your tickets from the Tickets tab that’s usually right next to the Dashboard tab in the menu bar near the top of your browser.

The Tickets tab lets you filter and view only the tickets that matter to you. Using the filters, you can pick and choose what tickets you want to view, and hide the rest. If you want to view just the tickets that have been assigned to you, you can filter the page based on agents. If you want just the tickets that need your attention today, you can filter tickets based on due by time. You can even filter tickets based on where they came from, using the source filter.

You can also filter tickets based on custom fields which your admin might have configured for your business exclusively. For example, if you’re a toy seller that sells action figures and stuffed toys, your Admin could have created a custom field to sort your doll-related questions as “Action Figures” and stuffed toys related questions as “Stuffed Toys”. If they have, you can filter tickets based on the fields.

The best part is that you can save yourself some time and save these custom filtered views for easy access by clicking on the tick mark icon adjacent to the view name, on the top of your screen. If you make changes to an already saved view, you can save these changes to the view and don’t have to “save as” this a different view and delete the previous one.


What it shows

My Open and Pending Tickets

All tickets assigned to you whose status is either “Open” or “Pending”

Urgent and High Priority Tickets

All tickets in your help desk with Priority marked as “High” or “Urgent”

Open Tickets in My Groups

All tickets in groups you are a member of, with status “Open”

My Overdue Tickets

All tickets assigned to you that were due before Today

New & My Open Tickets

All tickets assigned to you with Status Open, and all Unassigned tickets in your help desk

All Tickets

All tickets in your help desk

Tickets I’m Monitoring

All tickets that you are monitoring (may be assigned to anyone)


All tickets marked as Spam


All tickets that have been deleted from your help desk