Note: Freshfone and Freshchat have to be enabled for you to be able to accept calls in your helpdesk and chat with your customers.

The best part about Freshdesk is that when your customers call your hotline, you don’t have to leave your helpdesk to answer the call. You can take all incoming calls from within your browser itself. The widget to your bottom right lights up, when you receive a call, with the contact’s name, picture and options to attend or decline the call.

You can choose to automatically record all calls made and received in your support desk through Freshfone. While recording calls is a great way to ensure you don’t miss useful nuggets of your conversation later, it is considered slightly offensive in most places if you don’t inform your customers before hand. Not to mention, illegal. So please ensure that you verify with the local laws before you record conversations.

If you choose to take the call, the widget automatically shifts to present you with a whole bunch of options. The options from right to left:

  • Add notes: You can make notes about the call as and when the call is in progress, and if you choose to convert the call into a ticket, the notes are automatically added to the ticket as notes.
  • A Dialpad.
  • Call transfer: The call transfer button comes in handy when you know that another agent can handle this problem better than you. Agents can just transfer the call to other agents by clicking on the call transfer button and selecting the agent name from the list of all agents available online.
  • Mute option: You can choose to mute your mic, at any point during the call, and unmute it later.
  • Timer: Keeps track of the duration of the call.
  • Customer information: You can see all information about the customer who is on the call with you by hovering over the customer image. You can also see his recent tickets here; this will give you more context during the call.
  • End call option: When you click this button, you will be asked if you want to convert the call to ticket and shown your notes. If you click yes, your notes will be saved as...notes to the ticket. Else, they’ll be discarded. Even if you choose to convert the call later on, the notes will not be present.
  • Desktop notification: You can enable browser notifications while on a call to get notified when someone calls your helpdesk even when you are working in other tabs in your browser. You can do this by clicking on the bell icon in the widget, while on the call.

Please note that for the desktop notification to work, Freshdesk has to be open in a tab in your browser.

If you’re really busy, you can remove yourself from the pool of agents currently available to take a call by clicking the DND button to the top right corner of your screen. The agent availability button for chat is right next to the DND-phone button.

Availability Status

What it means

If the chat icon next to your profile picture is green, it means you are available to your other agents and visitors.

Other agents can find you and ping you

When visitors ping, you will receive a notification and you can accept or decline the chat

You can initiate chat with the visitors

If the chat icon next to your profile picture is grey, it means you are not available to your visitors.

You will not receive notification when visitors ping

But you can initiate chat with visitors using the chat widget

Other agents will still be able to find you and chat with you

How it looks Availability Status

Available to take call from browser

Available to take call from phone

When your agents are away from the browser during call hours and if they still want to be able to take calls, they can use the “Available on the phone” option. This setting redirects the call to the agent phone number. It is present on the Freshfone widget. The agent phone number (along with the country code) should be listed on the agent profile for the “Available on phone” to work.

To update your phone number in your profile,

  • Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of Freshdesk.
  • Choose Profile settings from the drop down.
  • In the edit profile page, update your phone number. Make sure that you include your country code in front of your phone number in the format + <country code>. For example, if you're in the US, enter your phone number as +1 555 555 5555.
  • Hit the Save Changes button to take calls from your mobile.


When a customer initiates a chat with you, the widget to the bottom left corner of the screen lights up (there’s also a shrill sound). If you’ve marked yourself as available (the DND button is to the top right corner of the screen, next to the question mark), you’ll be able to see who initiated the chat and have the option of accepting or declining the invitation.

When you start chatting with a visitor, you can click on the person’s icon on the top left corner of your chat window to view the visitor details. You can see what browser and OS they are using (this will help you while troubleshooting), you can see where (geographical location) they are chatting from and which page they are chatting from. You can also edit the contact information of the visitors as you chat with them. However, they will be added as contacts in your helpdesk only when you convert their chat to ticket.

During the course of the conversation, if you feel like you’re out of your depth, you can transfer your chats to other agents who are available online. For example, if your visitor wants to understand which of your plans could suit his needs better, you can transfer the chat to a sales person in your team and they can take over the conversation.

The headphone icon in the chat bar will show you a list of agents and their availability. All you have to do, to initiate an agent-to-agent chat, is click on the agent that you want to chat with. Please remember that anything you say can be held against you in a court of law because the chat will be stored in the helpdesk’s message archives. However, you do not have the option of converting this into a ticket.

The chat widget also shows you: the number of visitors online, the number of visitors engaged in a conversation with your fellow agents, and the number of returning visitors to your website. You can choose to proactively initiate a chat with a visitor - by clicking on the number of visitors online. This will take you to a page that displays a list of visitors, what page they’re on, and where they’re from. Pick any visitor you want to help and initiate a chat by clicking on their name.