If your admin hasn’t turned on Arcade (you can verify this by checking to see if you can spot a “Leaderboard” or a list of available Quests on your dashboard. If you can, your helpdesk has gamification. Read on.), you can skip this section.

As far as fun professions go, customer support isn’t too high up on the list. Which is why, Freshdesk aims to put the fun back into customer support by gamifying the helpdesk. Every ticket becomes a chance to score more points. The more points that the agents score, the higher they move up the leaderboard, the more trophies they win and the greater the bragging rights.

How do the points work?

The trick to providing great customer support is to offer fast responses to customer queries and taking down problems in one shot, while making sure that the customer is happy with the solution. Agents are awarded points for solving tickets within an hour, bonus points if the ticket is closed after only one agent interaction and even more bonus points if the customer is happy (determined by the Satisfaction Survey). Agents can also be penalized for solving tickets past their SLA and for having unhappy customers.

Only Admins get to decide how many points you get awarded for what action.

Leaderboards, badges and trophies

There are four trophies in Freshdesk, each based on different criteria:

  • Most Valuable Player: Agent with the most overall points for the current month.
  • Customer "Wow" Champion: Agent with the maximum Customer Satisfaction points for the current month.
  • Sharpshooter: Agent with the highest First Call Resolution (Ticket was solved with only one interaction between agent and customer) points for the current month.
  • Speed Racer: Agent with the maximum points for Fast Resolution (Ticket was solved in under an hour) for the current month.

The Leaderboard is reset on the first of every month so everyone can start over with a clean slate.

You can click on See All on the leaderboard pane on your dashboard to open the detailed view of your Leaderboard. By default you will be presented the standings for the current month and for all agents. You can however, filter the data presented to you based on agent groups. Click on the drop-down that says Showing All agents and choose the agent group whose leaderboard you wish to view.

You can also view past data as opposed to the current month data that is presented to you by default. You can go back and view data from up to 3 months in the past. Click on the drop-down that says Showing Current Month and choose your desired time frame from the list that appears.

Whenever you complete a quest or win a trophy, you’ll be awarded a badge that’ll be pinned to your profile. However, you cannot choose the badge yourself. Only the Admin can decide which badge to award for what.


Apart from earning points by resolving tickets, you can also seek to complete quests to score bonuses. Every completed quest in Freshdesk comes with a particular badge and a specified amount of points. Upon completion of the quest, the badge is showcased on the your profile and the points added to your existing score.