Ticket: A ticket is an element which contains all the basic details of the problem or question raised by a customer. A ticket is the first point of contact between the agent and the customer.

Agent: An agent or customer support representative is a person who is responsible for helping the customers arrive at a solution to their problems.

Service Level Agreements (SLA): An SLA is an agreement between the customer, who is a user of a service, and the service provider. It establishes and defines the rules by which the company provides its support to customers. For eg. it defines how early an agent will respond to customer calls.

Ticket Status: A ticket status tells the agent if the ticket has been addressed to, whether they are waiting for a response, or if the issue has been sorted out.

Priority: Priority defines how critical a particular issue is, and helps the agent understand how urgent it is for him to resolve the issue.

Escalation: If and when an SLA policy is violated, and any ticket is not attended upon by an agent, the supervisor is sent a notification so that the necessary action can be taken.

Canned Responses: Canned responses are default templates which can be saved for commonly asked questions. It helps the support agent save time when dealing with oft repeated questions and issues.x