Freshdesk lets you setup a community for your users in your self service portal to provide them with a platform to talk to each other. You can let them interact with the rest of your user community and find it useful both from a customer support as well as a branding standpoint. 

Once you have setup your Freshdesk account, you can create new Categories, Forums and Topics from the Forums tab. You can also customize your community to drive different kinds of discussions. For example, you can invite users to share ideas, suggest features and drive your products or services through Idea forums. 


You can make sure that the important Forum topics are always on top by making them Sticky, or close the discussion on a stale topic by Locking  it. To bring topics like bugs or problems right into your help desk and get your team working on the issue, your agents can Link any forum topic to a ticket in Freshdesk, or create a new ticket. Finally, to make sure your agents or users don't lose out on an interesting forum thread, they can choose to monitor the topic and stay notified when there is any new conversation or update to it. 

Additionally, you can also choose a forum type for each forum - Announcements, Questions, Ideas or Problems and give them specific functionalities based on your requirements. 

Just like your solutions, you can choose to have your forums displayed publicly and make them available for everybody instead of just your existing users. If you want to run the community only for logged in users, you can make the community exclusive by managing access levels from Admin > Portals > Settings

Go one step below and you can set the visibility rights for each of your forums by clicking on the corresponding Edit Forum button and setting the Visible to option to one of the four visibility types:

All - This makes it publicly visible to anyone who accesses your self-service portal.

Logged In Users - This makes it visible only to those who have signed up and logged in with their credentials.

Agents - This makes it private, so only agents on your helpdesk can view them. This is useful for internal knowledge sharing.

Select Companies - This makes it visible only to certain companies that you select from your contacts.

This will let you run a private community for a specific group of users if necessary. For example, you could mix and match different types of forums and take feature requests from your users publicly, and setup a private forum for your premium customers to let them know about upcoming beta releases.