When your customers have a problem or are just plain confused about the product, there are many ways in which they can get in touch with you.

They could:

  1. Call your hotline
  2. Write you an Email
  3. Come to your website and start a Chat
  4. Post on your company’s Facebook page
  5. Tweet to you
  6. Come to your Website and write to you through a handy Feedback widget, from any page
  7. Come to your Support Portal and submit a new ticket
  8. In-app support (Mobihelp)

We call these points of contact as channels. Depending on where your customers like to frequent, you can integrate these channels to your helpdesk. Once you do, any question that comes through one of these channels becomes a ticket in your helpdesk.

Every ticket consists of a subject, a description, a status and a priority. We’ll take you through a brief tour of everything that is associated with a ticket, starting with the ticket view.