You can make your ticket form dynamic so that the fields change based on the user input. In Freshdesk, you can add dynamic sections under the "Type" field. This way, different sets of fields can appear based on the option a user chooses in the type field. For example, in an e-commerce scenario, the user can see "Enter order ID" field when he chooses "Return" as the type field value and "Select new size" field when he chooses "Replacement".

You can create clearer forms with good structure using dynamic forms. It lets agents resolve them and filter them easily.

Quick guide to creating dynamic forms:

  • Log into your account as an administrator.
  • Go to Admin tab.
  • Under the General Settings section, click on Ticket Fields.
  • Under the type field in the ticket form, you can add multiple sections. A section can have multiple fields and each section can be associated with multiple type field value. 

  • Click on the New Section button. 
  • In the following pop-up, give the section a title and pick all the type field value associated with this section. This way, when that particular item is selected, the assigned Section is displayed to the end user. 

  • You can customise the fields in each of the Section by using a variety of form fields. 

  • The fields created under each section will appear as custom fields in the ticket view filters. It can also be used to create automation rules.
  • You can drag and drop any of the form fields under each Section. You can also rearrange the order of the fields within a section.
  • You can delete a section by clicking on the trash can icon next to its name. Please note that you won't be able to delete a section unless you delete the fields under each section.
  • You cannot create a new field with an existing field name. If you want to create a field that has already been created under a section, you have to copy/move it to your new section.
  • You can move or copy fields from one section to another by dragging and dropping them in the target section. 
    • Moving a field from the source section to the target section will remove the occurrence of that field in the source section and will move it to the target section. 
    • Copying a field from the source section into the target section will retain the occurrence of that field in the source and will merely add a copy of it into the target section. Copying will not create a new instance of the field. You can copy a field when you want to use the same field in multiple sections. 

  • Once you have customized the form, click Save. Now your agents and customers will see the new dynamic form when they create a ticket.

The dynamic ticket form - Agent view

 The dynamic ticket form - End-user view