As an agent, you will need analytics to help you make decisions on the effectiveness of your content. Here are some features that can help you do this:

Article View Count - This is where you can see number of views received by each article. This metric can help you get an idea of which topics are popular with your audience. 

Reader Votes - Readers of your articles see a question at the bottom of the article that asks them if they found the answer in your article helpful or not. Here is what that looks like:

When readers vote with a yes or a no, you receive likes or dislikes. A 'Yes' would be equal to a like vote and a 'No' would be equal to a dislike vote as you see below.  

These analytics provided here are available to view at an individual article level as well. You can navigate to this section by clicking on an article > see 'Analytics' on the bottom right pane (see image below). 

Clicking on the likes or dislikes will give a list of those who liked or disliked the article. This can help you get a better idea of how effective your content is or if anything needs to be changed. Non-logged in users will show up as 'Anonymous' on the list.

Content Management: Receiving feedback on an Article

Once you publish an article, your customers will be able to view the solution articles in your knowledge base to get answers to questions they have.
1. At the end of every article, the reader is given the option of providing feedback under the 'Was this answer helpful?' section - 

A Yes or a No vote amounts to a like or a dislike that is visible in the Article Analytics section. 
2. When a reader selects the No option, he/she is given an option to provide more feedback - 

3. Once feedback is provided, it would get converted into a ticket that your support team will be able to look into - 

The author of the article will automatically be marked as a 'watcher' on this ticket (the author can keep a tab on the ticket, similar to being cc'd on an email). This would provide the author with ideas for improving content.

4. Feedback on the article would be visible under the Feedback section in the specific Article View page - 

5. Feedback on all the articles would be visible in the solution's home page - 

Changing the author of an Article
Change Author is an option provided to account administrators to change the author of an article in your knowledge base from one person to another. 
To change the author of an article, navigate to the Article View > Article Properties > Edit > Change Author 

Whenever a customer provides feedback on an article, a ticket would be created on your end and the author will be automatically marked on the ticket as a 'watcher' (the author can keep a tab on the ticket, similar to being cc'd on an email)
This can be helpful in scenarios like these: 
When articles are written by someone who is no longer with your company
Example - Jim has been hired as a content writer by Saul's Emporium. One of his responsibilities is to ensure that all solution articles are up to date. While at this task, he notices that many solution articles were written by Sally who is no longer with the company. He then reaches out to the account administrator to get the author changed to his name so that he may receive notifications whenever someone provides feedback on those articles. 

Note: If the author is not changed to Jim or anyone else, Sally will remain the author of this article even though she has left the company. 

When articles are written by someone who has moved on to another department within your organization 
Example - Jim moves from the content team to the public relations team at Saul's Emporium and Michael is hired to replace Jim. The account administrator then changes the author from Jim to Michael. Michael will now receive notifications if someone provides feedback on the articles originally written by Jim.

When the content writing responsibility is shared by multiple people on a team
Example - Michael is finding it difficult to manage all the content by himself. Dave and Fiona have been hired to share Michael's current workload. Dave is now responsible for all solution articles under the furniture section of Saul's Emporium. The account administrator then changes the author from Michael to Dave so that Dave will be able to receive notifications.

In all of these scenarios, the Change Author option also makes it easier for people within an organization to reach out to the author of an article if specific content edits are to be made. 

Restructuring your Knowledge Base
If you would like to restructure your knowledge base, move your content around and make edits to it easily, we have some features that can help you with that: 

Moving articles/folders - Bulk actions
Bulk actions help you move a few folders together from one category to another or a few articles from one folder to another. In the folder view you will also be able to edit the visibility of folders to limit access to only a specific set of people.

Bulk Actions - Article View

'Visible to' - Folder View

Change Author

Sometimes, articles might be written by people who are no longer with your company. In such cases, you can go into each article and change the author by clicking on Edit under Article Properties once you are in the article. (This option will show up only for account administrators).

Reordering Folders 

If you would like your folders to appear in a particular order within your knowledge base, click on the reorder button within the folder view.