See how your helpdesk is doing without logging in using scheduling reports. You can schedule both the default and the saved reports so you can receive PDF version of the reports in your inbox periodically. Please note that you can access this feature only if you are an Admin or a Supervisor.

You can schedule reports for yourself and for anybody who is a part of your helpdesk, i.e, any non-deleted contact (agent and customer) in your helpdesk. To schedule any report, click on the calendar icon next to the name of the report.

  • You can schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports. Based on the time period selected in the report, the best schedule for that report will be pre-selected. 
  • In the email section, you can enter the recipient email addresses of this report.
  • You can also edit the subject and the description based on who the report is scheduled for.
  • Once you are done choosing the right time period and editing the content, click 'Save'.

The schedule you create can only be seen by you. If you have scheduled a particular report already, the calendar icon will be green in color. You can click on that icon and edit the schedule. To delete a schedule, click on the "Delete schedule" button on the bottom left.

Scheduling saved reports
You can filter any report based on any ticket property and save it . As soon as you create a saved report, you will be able to schedule it.

However, if you have created the saved report with a custom date range filter, you will not be able to schedule it.