Quests represent performance goals that you set up for your support agents. They help you align your support team with your business goals, by driving them towards performing activities that benefit your brand. Setting them up can prove beneficial for both your support agents as well as your managerial team. 

Quests For Agents:

Apart from earning points by resolving tickets, agents can also seek to complete quests to score bonuses. Every completed quest in Freshdesk comes with a particular badge and a specified amount of points. Upon completion of the quest, the badge is showcased on the agents' profiles and the points added to their existing score. Completing tasks also help them to improve their standing on monthly trophies. 

Quests For Managers:
Managers can create quests to get things done by their team. For example, tasks like populating the knowledge base and being active on forums tend to figure at the bottom of an agent's to-do list as opposed to resolving tickets and putting out fires. Agents can be incentivized into doing such tasks through the helpdesk by managers by setting up quests and awarding badges. And the best part is, at the end of the day, you get to easily identify the top performers and motivation factors. 

By default, the Freshdesk Arcade is populated with several default quests. If you'd like to add more or create your own set of goals, you can click on the New Quest button to get started.