Track and improve agent productivity by gamifying your helpdesk! Every ticket becomes a chance to score points, climb up the leaderboard and win trophies. This not only motivates your team but it helps them remain on track while having fun at the same time. The  more points they score and the more quests they complete, the more trophies and badges they win every month.


There are four trophies in Freshdesk, each based on different criteria:

  • Most Valuable Player: Agent with the most overall points for the current month.
  • Customer "Wow" Champion: Agent with the maximum Customer Satisfaction points for the current month.
  • Sharpshooter: Agent with the highest First Call Resolution (Ticket was solved with only one interaction between agent and customer) points for the current month.
  • Speed Racer: Agent with the maximum points for Fast Resolution (Ticket was solved in under an hour) for the current month.

The Leaderboard is reset on the first of every month so everyone can start over with a clean slate. The Names of the Agents currently heading the Leaderboard can be viewed from the dashboard.

Leaderboard listing options:

You can click on See All on the leaderboard pane on your dashboard to open the detailed view of your Leaderboard. By default you will be presented the standings for the current month and for all agents. 

You can however, filter the data presented to you based on agent groups. Click on the drop-down that says Showing All agents and choose the agent group whose leaderboard you wish to view. 

You can also view past data as opposed to the current month data that is presented to you by default. You can go back and view data from upto 3 months in the past. Click on the drop-down that says Showing Current Month and choose your desired time frame from the list that appears. 


You can award agents badges for completing quests and winning trophies. There is a whole bunch of badges to choose from, when you're creating a quest.